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If you’re a busy working professional, a finance planner can make your life easier. These planners help you manage your money and track your spending habits. They come in a variety of styles and are available for free. You can download the Teal version of the planner here, or download all 140 pages. If you download it, leave a comment or share your thoughts about it!

Personal Capital

With Personal Capital’s finance planner, you can create and manage a personal investment account with your own financial advisor. The program asks you a few questions to determine your financial goals, timeframe, risk tolerance, and more. Then it creates an investment plan for you based on your answers. It will then manage your investment portfolio and send you regular updates. You’ll pay an ongoing fee for this service.

This financial planning tool also lets you view all your accounts in one place. You can see your monthly cashflow and your net worth. You can compare the performance of your investments to your ideal portfolio allocation. This will help you to minimize risk and maximize returns. You can also use this financial planning tool to plan for your retirement.

Using Personal Capital is safe, as it employs multi-layer key management and AES-256 encryption. You can use a biometric ID or two-factor authentication to protect your account information. It’s also very easy to use on desktop or mobile devices. It also lets you manage your spending habits, so you don’t have to keep track of all your accounts separately.

Personal Capital also has a free financial planner, which lets you see your cash flow and net worth. It also provides an easy-to-read budget. It also links your loan accounts and alerts you when bills are due. The app is easy to use and can be used on both iPhone and Android devices.

The finance planner features 19 financial planning topics. It uses information from your accounts and loans to create a prioritized list of tasks that you should complete in order to reach your financial goals. It tracks your progress toward these goals and provides personalized recommendations. The financial planner also lets you collaborate with an advisor, providing you with real-time updates on your finances.


Mobills is an app that helps you manage your credit card bills and finances in a simple way. It tracks all of your accounts and helps you create a budget. You can choose to see all transactions or just income and expenses, depending on your preferences. Having a clear picture of your financial situation is crucial to stay out of debt.

Mobills is a free personal finance planner that lets you create and track a customized budget each month. You can also track your spending on the go. You can even replace a monthly spending spreadsheet with this app. While the free version has some limitations, premium users get access to all features.


EveryDollar is an online finance planner that puts you in control of your spending. You can create a budget to plan for big purchases or emergencies, and then organize regular expenses and bills by due date. This finance planner also connects to over 10,000 banks for seamless data integration and smart tracking recommendations.

The app works by connecting all your accounts, creating categories and tagging your expenses. You can make your budget as detailed or broad as you want. It can also help you track your spending and see where you’re going over budget. EveryDollar has dashboard-style views that allow you to see how much money you have left each month.

Another free finance planner is Mint. This app is popular because it provides detailed information about your income and expenses. It also tracks your net worth over time. It is important to note that some banks’ security protocols prevent consistent automated tracking. It’s vital to remember the due dates of your bills, so that you can categorize your expenses correctly.

Mint is an app that connects with your bank account and helps you create a budget for free. It has many features, such as tips and advice on improving your credit score. It also offers advice on useful accounts and lets you set savings goals. EveryDollar has a free version and a premium version. While both apps can help you with your finances, the free version is less robust than the premium versions.

EveryDollar offers an app for Android and Apple users. It is easy to use and syncs with the desktop version. It has decent reviews online, and it also offers priority customer support.

EMI Calculator

The EMI calculator can help you calculate your monthly payment. It uses a slider and lets you enter precise values. It recalculates the monthly amount each time you change the value. It also allows you to adjust the duration of the loan. By using this calculator, you will be able to determine whether you can afford the loan. It is also helpful in setting a budget and maintaining your monthly savings.

This tool helps you calculate the monthly EMI of a personal loan. It is free to use and allows you to plan your repayment to the minute. Using it can save you a lot of time. It also helps you avoid making mistakes that can damage your credit score. Moreover, the EMI calculator can be used to calculate customized loan EMIs.

The calculator also has options to calculate basic types of loans and bonds. This includes balloon loans. They are short-term loans that have smaller routine payments over the lifetime of the loan. The goal is to make the math behind building a wealth easier to understand. In addition, the calculator allows you to enter the EMI amount and the amount of the loan to be repaid.

For instance, you could borrow Rs10,00000 and pay it back over a period of 10 years. Assuming a 10% interest rate and a ten-year repayment period, you would need to pay Rs 16,133 per month. After 10 years, you’d owe Rs 19,35,960 and the bank will receive Rs 9,35,960.

Money Under 30

If you want to save money without breaking the bank, Money Under 30 is the site for you. The site provides free financial advice to young adults, covering topics such as debt, credit cards, and student loans. It also offers a free weekly newsletter. The site has a great dictionary and provides financial terminology definitions.

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